book translator make it happen

How does it work? Is it really THAT easy?

As a book translator, I can promise you that it is! You are only a few steps away from getting your novel translated from English to German. How exciting is this?!

First, I need to know everything about your project and see if I can fit you into my working schedule to translate your book.

work spaceAs soon as I know your project’s size and content, I can estimate the costs involved (please see PRICING for further information on my general prices, quotes and estimates). At that point, I can also give you a rough idea of the timescale from start to finish.

Before I can do that, I need to get the manuscript (no paper, strictly online as a Word document). 

I will then review your manuscript to determine the project’s scope, estimated completion timeframe, and cost. Once that is finished, I shall send you a service contract with the word count, the timescale, and the prices. Please read the agreement carefully before you sign and return it to me. You can do so by printing it out, signing and sending me a scan or a good photo. Or you can use one of the many free e-sign pages.


Let’s keep talking: your friendly book translator is only an email away

If you change your mind about anything any time, please get in touch. Together, we will work something out which will suit both of us. But please let me know! I am putting a lot of work and effort into setting everything up, and it would be pretty frustrating when the client suddenly seems to vanish into thin air, and I won’t have any idea why.

Once I finish the translation, I shall carefully proofread and edit it. I am using different software to do it. If you wish, an external proofreader would check it; I can arrange that. They will invoice you for this work separately. If you have a German proofreader or copyeditor, I can pass the manuscript over to this person and will review their comments or notes for the final read.

Opening a new marketwoman reading

After the work is finished, I will send my invoice, which is payable on completion of the work. I would kindly ask for an upfront payment to secure our arrangement, but I am also happy to work or invoice in milestones. This has worked in the past, and I am glad to discuss the terms.

Once satisfied with the final product, you can publish your book in German, opening up your work to a new audience.

With the help of a professional book translator, getting your book translated from English into German can be both easy and rewarding.

Opting for a native speaker to translate your book can make all the difference. A native speaker speaks the target language as their first language and understands the cultural and contextual references of that language. This is crucial because language is an intricate tool that has unique idioms, slang, and expressions specific to each language. Without a proper understanding of these nuances, translation can be lost in meaning, context, and authenticity.

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